Nightlife in Prague? Places you must visit before you die!

Nightlife in Prague? Places you must visit before you die!

Prague is not only the cultural and administrative centre of the Czech Republic. It also offers a lot of fun which is one of the reasons why Prague is loved by foreign tourists. If you want to experience the real Prague, you definitely have to  a night out there. And where? We have some good tips. Prague is alive also at night, so you can't expect to be there alone. In the center of the city, you can meet many people even in the late night or early morning. Especially tourists and students usually want to explore the night city. Will you join them?

Casinos - you needn't go to Las Vegas

There are a lot of businesses targeting mainly tourists and casinos are definitely among them. People from different countries in Europe and also America visit Prague and spend their money in local casinos. Several of them are situated in the centre. You can find Vegas Casino, Banco Casino and Rebuy Stars Casino near the Prague astronomical clock. So, will you try to get rich in Prague?

Dance clubs - dance until your feet catch on fire

Do you want to spend Prague nightlife? In that case, a visit of a bar is a duty! There are hundreds, maybe thousands, dance clubs and cocktail bars in the centre of Prague. Some of them are even focused on a specific topic. For example, in the Aloha Cocktail Bar Club you can experience the atmosphere of Hawaii! Soft lights, warm rhythms, and excellent drinks are a good opportunity to get rid of remaining bits of stress in your body. The wild party can start! One of the other renowned Prague clubs is called Hangar Cocktail Bar Club. It is inspired by the golden age of aviation, so adrenaline, wild energy and unique atmosphere of effervescence are waiting for you. This all is enriched by original cocktails, excellent food, and genteelly dressed staff. Let the fun begin!

Beer - a drink which is more important than water

Have you already heard that beer is cheaper than water in the Czech Republic? It's not completely true, but the whole country is well known for its delicious drink made from hops. If you want to try it, it doesn't matter where you go - there are pubs everywhere. But try to find the one that is open till the morning. Or do you want to start with beer and continue in one of the above-mentioned clubs?

Sights - they're different in the night

If you are not the party type, you can try to explore night Prague. You can visit some of the sights even at night. For example, Petřín offers a beautiful view of the shining city. Even the walk across the Charles Bridge is different in the dark. Buy a good drink, take your friends, discover new places and enjoy all the sights another way. Prague should be on every bucket list and if you are already here you can't just sleep at night. The whole city is waiting for you!

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